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Marcos Gaming Signs Irony Inc. to Build their Fan community

Indian esports organization Marcos Gaming has announced a partnership with Irony Inc. to develop its fan community. Irony will now manage the Marcos Gaming brand, as well as work with the team to leverage content, to grow stronger ties with the Marcos fan community.

Set up in 2019 by Sudhir Kulria and Akhil Kavuturu with a PUBG squad, the organization has further expanded with a formidable squad in Clash of Clans. Marcos also has a roster of strong as well as upcoming entertainers and creators. Most recently, the organization announced a tie-up with Indian volunteer organization Robin Hood Army to use its influence in driving a change.

Irony Inc. is an Indian esports company focused on building esports based communities for its clients. As a pioneering upstart, Irony works at the cross-section of team, talent, and tournament to play a defining part in India's booming esports industry. The organization was founded by Ankit Bhatia - a successful entrepreneur and digital marketing veteran - and Tushaar Garg - an international sport and esports business professional, formerly with IMG.

Commenting on the relationship, Bhatia said, “The future for growth of esports teams is definitely community. Top esports brands in the world have adopted this strategy aggressively, and so have their sponsors”, adding that, “Marcos Gaming’s strategic move to drive this new reality, and evolve from being an esports team into the realm of esports-entertainment is a new dawn for esports in the country. This is going to be an exciting journey as we work together to create an Indian esports behemoth.”

Sudhir Kulria concurred, “Our vision from day one has been to create India’s biggest esports team. While our success on the competitive front has driven us towards that vision, it is time for us to pay more attention to our supporters and turn them in to our community of fans.”


Press Contact:

Chris Ramanujam,

Communications Manager, Irony Inc.

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