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a state of affairs or an event that seems deliberately contrary to what one expects and is often wryly amusing as a result.


Our name, Irony, is a gentle dig at cookie cutter ideas that are recycled in business every day - something we endeavor to change for better.

Irony is our decision to work with greater purpose, creativity and collaborative ingenuity.

We Help Address 3 Business Problems:


Helping make sense of the ESPORTS industry

Connecting different stakeholders and driving monetization goals.

We assist publishers, brands, platforms, investors, gamers and audiences to capitalize on the now US$ 150 Bn gaming and US$ 1Bn esports industries. Learn More →


Delivering Content that really works

Creating content with strategic intent and measurable impact

We create and distribute more than merely run-of-the-mill, stand-alone creative pieces such as videos for YouTube or posts for social media. Learn More →


Turning Audiences In To Communities

Putting your audiences at the center of your vision

We understand your audiences, and then strategize and deliver mechanisms to turn them in to highly engaged, sustainable communities. Learn More →

All The Services We Offer

Talent Management & Building

Esports Investment

Market Entry and Expansion


Branded Content

Content Partnerships

Content Strategy

Content Creation



Events and Partnerships

Sponsorship & Licensing


Influencer Marketing

Stakeholder & Fan Engagement


Community Creation

Community Management





why we are different

We Put Community at The Center
Of Strategy
We Help Businesses Discover New Opportunities In Esports and Gaming
We Are a Data Generation Engine:
We Create, Use and Measure Data

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