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Announcing Our Partnership with Alpha Esports

Irony Inc. (Irony) is proud to announce its partnership with Canadian esports giant Alpha Esports Tech Inc. (Alpha Esports). As part of this agreement, Irony will take responsibility for driving Alpha Esports' growth in India.

Alpha Esports Tech Inc. is a technology company that focuses on emerging markets in esports, mobile gaming, ecommerce, blockchain and high growth opportunities. Through a strong portfolio of technology assets, Alpha Esports brings a new edge to modern gaming.

As part of the partnership, Irony will become the exclusive partner for Alpha Esports' online gaming platform, GamerzArena, for online esports events in India. Alpha will also host and operate a variety of gaming tournaments for Irony, including an eDevelopment league - where Irony will be able to find and sign top gaming talent for their esports talent development program. Irony will also leverage its existing relationships in esports and traditional sports to promote and grow Alpha Esports' subscription service, GamerzArena+.

Overall, online gaming has gained a strong foothold within the Indian entertainment industry and is projected to become a $1 billion USD market by the end of 2021, providing Alpha Esports with significant opportunity to enter a growing market. "We believe our partnership with Irony will provide the Company with a significant revenue injection," said interim CEO, Matthew Schmidt. "India is one of the most popular markets for esports and mobile gaming and through Irony's countless relationships in esports, we will be able to attract an entirely new audience to GamerzArena."

Irony Inc. is an Indian esports company focused on building esports based communities for its clients. As a pioneering upstart, Irony works at the cross-section of team, talent, and technology to play a defining part in India's booming esports industry. The organization was founded by Ankit Bhatia - a successful entrepreneur and digital marketing veteran - and Tushaar Garg - an international sports and esports business professional, formerly with IMG.

"The Indian gaming market is made up of almost 400 million gamers and is still growing," said Irony co-founder Ankit Bhatia. "We are predicating our community-focused approach to esports on the values of competition, collaboration and content, and GamerzArena blends in to this naturally as an end-to-end gaming platform. We're eager to harness this partnership."

"With favorable demographics and increasing penetration of the internet, we see India as gaming's promise land," added Garg. "Our processes, partnerships and relationships give us unmatched advantage in India's esports ecosystem. That's what makes this collaboration so exciting - Both companies are poised for exciting growth prospects by leveraging each other's strengths."


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