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Why we picked this:

Facebook's commitment to pay publishers may usher in a new era of better, deeper and more data driven content creation as the platform's algorithm learns what content its users prefer engaging with.

Why we picked this:

As research supporting the article suggests, "Companies that have bounced back most strongly from previous recessions usually did not cut their marketing spend, and in many cases actually increased it."

Marketers simply need to adapt their messaging and distribution to the new context.

Why we picked this:

The "quality versus quantity" and "cutting through the noise" debates have become gigantically trivial. This five year old article does a great job at taking our attention back to an often ignored facet of content strategy: Finding Your Niche.

Why we picked this:

Continuing from the previous story (see above), venture capitalist Matthew Ball does a great job at explaining how  Netflix continues to be the face of the OTT industry by generating quantity in every niche possible, leaving competitors to slug it out over the fight for quality content.

Why we picked this:

Marketers often get over-enamored by the pursuit of mastering platforms and metrics defined by those platforms. While that may be a good way to reach your ideal customer, the customer's journey often becomes secondary in this pursuit.

The world of search seems to be moving away from Google. Even Google realizes that and is willing to adapt. Do you?T

Why we picked this:

Consumers seem to be getting overwhelmed with influencer driven marketing. Consciously or subconsciously, marketers are aware of this - after all, they are consumers too.

Maybe we all needs to take a step back and re-evaluate how we're going to fix this. Maybe this article can be your thought starter? 

Why we picked this:

The cookie is crumbling. Quite literally. With the impending death of multiple tracking methods that drove advertising and message delivery in the last decade, marketers and MarTech must gear up and prepare for what's next. Maybe that also involves brushing up on the fundamentals of consumer engagement.

Why we picked this:

Some of the biggest innovations, both in technology and strategy, in the marketing and communications industry were a byproduct of post-2012 election campaigns.

Applying the same learning in 2020 seems to be backfiring. 

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